We are all about engaging ALL Ages in the joy of feeling happy, having a laugh & all while you dance … it's Exercise Disguised as Dance!
AgelessMoves is a specially designed dance & movement class for those in their seniors years, who are past jumping about but love to dance to the music they enjoy. 
No jumping, partners or dance experience required and
all classes are non-contact.
Independent living, retirement villages, aged care facilties & community groups all welcome.  We are Friends of Dementia & welcome Carers/Family to join us at discounted rates.
ALL dances are designed for all generations.  Come with family/friends, have a laugh, socialise & enjoy the health benefits of exercise disguised as dance & feeling joy!


There's nothing like feeling happy, immersed. having a laugh all while you dance …
it's Exercise Disguised as Dance!
MoveAbilities highly specialised engaging, interactive experience for Disability & Special Needs members of our community of all ages.  Our customised non-contact all inclusive, movement, dance, music & visual experience is a world of fun, laughter & leaves our participants wanting more, feeling happy & carers/family beaming as they join in or smile from the sidelines.
We welcome family, carers and siblings in to join in the fun!  We can come to you or you can come to us for classes, we are about being inclusive to all and bringing the hidden benefits of our classes to everyone living. 
We are a Registered COVID Safe Business, with all classes adherent to COVID Safety regulations.
Disco Ball



70s, 80s, 90s iconic anthems & moves.  Don't miss out on getting your boggie shoes on, wear as much glitter, glam and flashy workout gear as you like (don't forget some blue eye shadow!) and join us for our disco mix dance-exercise class.
Channel your inner DANCING QUEEN at this Energetic Non-Contact Dance
workout class for adults & teens!
Thanks for dancing with us!

“Absolutely loved your MoveAbilities class, totally engaging, uplifting and inclusive. Sally & Katrina energy was amazing and kept our group wanting to come again!  We will be back” 

—  Christian, Northern Beaches Interchange